Need Emergency Water Restoration Services in the Southern California Area?

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How soon can you respond to an emergency need?

We can respond with in 30 to 40 minutes. It's vital that we start the dry out with in a few hours of initial damage. Letting the water permeate any longer than necessary can cause further damage.

How long will it take my property to dry?

The industry standard for a typical water damage is a minimum of three days. Some can take longer ( depending on the amount of water) and how long it permeated the structure and is very important that we make sure it is completely dry as to prevent secondary damage and also prevent mold from growing.

How do I know when my property is completely dry?

With infrared technology, we can detect the very slightest moisture. We at We Dry Water Damage will not only make sure it is completely dry but we will also check other areas in the home to prevent any further damage or loss.

How much will it cost to run the drying equipment?

Although there is no telling exactly what it will cost to dry out a property or home, there is an industry and insurance standard on cost of equipment and time allowable to completely dry out a home or property.

How much does it cost to repair water damage?

Again it is very difficult to tell how much a property will cost to completely dry it out until our technicians have access the damage. Then are technicians can give an estimate based on two criteria. 1) The class of damage 2) The square foot affect area.

Can you work with my insurance company?

We work with all major insurance companies.

Do I need to move out of my home during the remediation process?

In most cases we can work with occupants remaining in the the home. There are some rare occasions where we may need to relocate the homeowners, or tenant to a more suitable accommodation, such as a hotel, family member or friends home. Again, these are rare cases of severe damage, and we would do this only for precautionary measures.

How can I minimize the possibility of mold growth?

We Dry Water Damage technicians test for mold and make sure your home or property affected and surrounding areas are dry to eliminate any and all possibilities of mold growth.

Are you licensed?

We Dry Water Damage is certified by the IICRC, licensed and bonded with years of experience