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Professional Water Damage Restoration

Professional Water Damage Restoration

We Dry Water Damage is striving to be a leader in the industry of water damage restoration serving the greater Los Angeles and Orange County.

We Dry Water Damage was established with one thing in mind: to return a home or business to its pre-loss condition after it has sustained water damage.

We Dry Water Damage professionals have been trained to use the proper techniques and practices for assessing and repairing damage caused by water. We Dry Water Damage uses technicians that have also been trained to use state-of the art water damage repair techniques.

We Dry Water Damage professionals are available, when needed, 24/7 to provide emergency services, or to provide timely restoration after a plumber has repaired the cause of the water damage.

The services provided by We Dry Water Damage include:

Damage Assessment

  • Whether the water causing damage was sanitary or unsanitary and determining the amount of contaminants in the water source
  • Using infrared probes to determine the location and amount of damage caused by the primary water leak as well as verifying that there are no other invisible secondary water leaks
  • Determine the best methods for restoring each damaged area in the home or business

Damage mitigation

  • Water removal using dehumidifiers and fans
  • Air movers and air scrubbers using blowers and dryers
  • Special hardwood dryers
  • Dryers for sub-floors and inner wall cavities
  • Clean-up methods when mold or toxins are present

Damage restoration


  • Wood
  • Carpet
  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Stone


  • Determine whether walls need to be opened up to dry them out
  • Determine whether mold is present inside the walls and use special techniques or replacement for remediation of mold in walls


  • Replace, repair or completely renovate destroyed kitchen and bath cabinets and fixtures.

Verify that Health and Safety standards are met as a result of the water damage restoration

  • Remediation of mold, asbestos and lead contamination in all parts of the home or business
  • Elimination of toxins and other hazards
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